Community guidelines

CounterGrogWise is committed to ensuring a safe experience for all our users. For this reason, HeroFinder implements all technical and organizational security measures necessary to ensure trusting relationships in our environment.

However, this does not depend only on us and therefore, we want to ask for your help. To be able to build a safe environment for the whole community of players we have created the following guides which we ask you to consider when using our service and relating to the community.

The Community Guidelines are self-regulating internal rules that determine what is accepted or allowed, and what is not in HeroFinder. We are aware that many of these rules may seem obvious, but it is important for us to fulfill our duty of transparency and to inform you about them.

Also remember, that the vast majority of our users comply with these guidelines, but if you find any message or act that violates these rules you should let us know to investigate and remove such content, because as we have added before for us it is important that you are safe.
Through these guides you will find some rules for interacting with other users, and others that are totally prohibited, and may have certain responsibilities for those who violate them.
Our main objectives through these guides will be to transmit you certain values that are fundamental for us, and certain acts that are totally  prohibited.

Therefore, through our application “HeroFinder” we offer:

To create, connect, improve and share experiences in cooperative games opportunities. We are aware that each person is different, so our effort to connect compatible people to form teams that guarantee success in the games.

To promote a positive, inclusive and safe environment. We use all the information we have, including yours, to protect and improve our services. This information always complies with our privacy policy.

To ensure an international infrastructure that guarantees the availability of the service. Therefore, we contract quality servers and software that allow the availability of the service in all parts of the world.

To research and innovate. We use the information you provide to improve our service, and contribute to the welfare of our community.

To guarantee your security, as a user of our community you should read carefully the following rules, where we collect actions that are contrary to our values:

In HeroFinder any act of harassment is forbidden. Therefore, any action that promotes or supports harassment of both groups and individual users is strictly forbidden. Please, if you know or detect any type of content of these characteristics, contact CounterGrogwise immediately.

Repeated unwanted communications to other HeroFinder users. Our users may choose to block other users for any reason they choose. The creation of other accounts for the purpose of contacting a user who has blocked you is strictly prohibited.

Unsecured communications. It is absolutely forbidden to hide or deceive about your identity with the purpose of contacting someone who has blocked you.

Sharing any kind of pornographic material. Do not share images of sexual or pornographic content of minors or any other person or participate in their dissemination. If you find sexual content of any kind within HeroFinder, please contact us.

Sharing sensitive content that may hurt the sensitivity of other users. You may not share media content that is excessively truculent or share violent or unsuitable content for minors.

Sharing content that incites or promotes violence in any way, including self-harm or suicide and/or media content depicting violence or sexual abuse is also not permitted.

Sharing content that infringes on the rights or intellectual or industrial property of another person or our company. It is absolutely forbidden to reproduce the technology and/or technique applicable in HeroFinder for the purpose of distribution, reproduction and/or sale to third parties without the express permission of the company.

Sharing personal information of another user without their express authorization, for example their name, postal address, personal phone number or images. Respect the right to privacy of your colleagues.

Physically and/or psychologically threaten any other user. Any type of threat, extortion or blackmail will be considered contrary to the principles of CounterGrogwise, and will be investigated as well as reported if it constitutes an indication of a crime.

Using the application to perform illegal activities. Similarly, inciting or promoting illegal activities is also contrary to the principles of CounterGrogwise.

In HeroFinder we have implemented technical measures to reinforce the security of underage users, since they may be more vulnerable in different aspects. Please contact us if you are aware of a situation that may cause harm to a minor user. For more information about how we process minors data, you should read our Terms and Conditions in the section “Data of minors”.

How can I report or bring to CounterGrogWise’s attention acts that violate the guidelines described above?

CounterGrogwise strives to provide a secure environment in which our users can interact with each other to enhance their cooperative gaming experience.

Therefore, if any of the above situations arise, please contact us at the following email address:

After sending the report to the indicated email address you will receive a confirmation email from us (this can take up to 72 hours). Please send us detailed information about the conduct you consider inappropriate so that we can examine the case as soon as possible. We may contact you for further information if necessary.

Remember that it is expressly forbidden to send spam or false reports through this channel. Therefore, we are committed to the safety of everyone, and work to resolve any issues that may affect your experience.

If we determine that conduct has indeed occurred that is not tolerated by CounterGrogwise, we will take appropriate action, which can range from a warning to the suspension and permanent blocking of your account.

In compliance with our Privacy Policy, we will only provide information about the reported account when required by the appropriate public authorities.