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Patch Notes 0.9.0

Among Us is “Among Us”. Get it?

  • Do you have friends? Now you can add them in HeroFinder! Say goodbye to being a Forever Alone.
  • Check how many friends you have on your profile. Gotta catch’em all!
  • Block that annoying brat, it’s better to use protection.
  • Added partial groups, for those playing at late hours.
  • Added notifications for you to know when someone wants you only as a friend :/
  • You shall not pass! Unless you update to the last HeroFinder version, that’s more epic than Gandalf.
  • Added support to the new console generation to allow you to play at 4K 60fps with haptic controllers to make you feel like the gamer you are.
  • Added game aliases, because searching for LoL is easier than League of Legends.
  • Slightly changed app colors. Look what a cutie it is now!
  • Now you can arrange the chamber by rows. For those games with lots of players… *cof cof* Among Us *cof cof*.
  • Furthermore, we’ve made improvements under the hood. HeroFinder goes BRRRRRR

You were asking for it, new games available:

  • Among Us
  • Apex Legends
  • Call of Duty: Mobile
  • Rainbow Six: Siege
  • Rogue Company

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