Parental Guidelines

Welcome to HeroFinder, owned by CounterGrogwise S.L. At CounterGrogwise we are committed to ensuring safe fun for all our users. For this reason, CounterGrogwise takes all the necessary technical and organizational security measures to ensure trusting relationships between our users. However, this is not just up to us and we want to ask for your help. In order to build a secure environment for the entire gaming community, we have created the following guidelines that we ask you to consider when interacting with us.


● Establish relationships of trust.
● Share experiences with our users.
● Guarantee the free expression of all our users, without offending others
and, above all,


For these reasons, the following will not be tolerated:

  • No form or type of harassment of individuals or groups. Any action that encourages or supports harassment of both groups and individual users is strictly forbidden. Please contact CounterGrogwise immediately if you become aware of or detect any such content.
  • Repeated unwanted communications to other CounterGrogwise users.
    HeroFinder users may decide to block other users for any reason they choose. The creation of other accounts for the purpose of contacting a user who has blocked you is strictly prohibited.
  • Share any kind of pornographic material. Do not share images of sexual or pornographic content of minors or any other person or participate in their dissemination. If you find sexual content of any kind within HeroFinder, please contact us.
  • Sharing sensitive content that may hurt the sensitivity of other users. You cannot share media that is excessively truculent or share violent or non-child-friendly content.
  • Sharing content that incites or promotes self-harm or judgment and/or
    multimedia content depicting violence or sexual abuse is also not
  • Share content that infringes the rights or intellectual or industrial property of another person or company.
  • Share another user’s personal information, such as your name, address, personal phone number or pictures. Respect your colleagues’ right to privacy and intimacy.
  • Physically and/or mentally threaten any other user. Any type of threat,
    extortion or blackmail will be considered contrary to the principles of
  • Conduct illegal activities on or through CounterGrogwise. Similarly, inciting or promoting illegal activity is equally contrary to the principles of CounterGrogwise.

CounterGrogwise will remove any content that it deems incompatible with its principles and/or laws. In addition, in cases of repetition or extreme gravity, CounterGrogwise will immediately delete the account.


You must be of legal age or have the valid consent of your parents or legal guardians. If you are not of legal age or do not understand the terms and conditions of HeroFinder ask your parents or legal guardian for help.
If you are the parent or legal guardian of a minor, please read and explain in detail to the minor in your care the terms of use of the application. You are responsible for complying with the terms and conditions of use of the application, so please ensure that the minor in your care is aware of and agrees to participate under those conditions.
CounterGrogwise is committed to ensuring the safety of our underage users and therefore reserves the right to confirm the age of the users and/or that they access HeroFinder with the appropriate authorization.
To confirm the age of our users, CounterGrogwise, among other measures, asks users for their age. We do this to ensure the safety of our users and take appropriate measures in this regard.


CounterGrogwise strives to provide a safe environment where our users can interact with their friends, hang out with other users, and above all, have fun. Therefore, if any of the above situations arise, please contact us at the following email address:

After sending the report to the indicated email address you will receive a confirmation email from us (this can take up to 24 hours). Please send us detailed information about the conduct you consider inappropriate so that we can examine the case as soon as possible.
We may contact you for further information, if deemed necessary.

Please do not spam CounterGrogwise’s technical support team. Do not use these channels to make false reports or submit multiple reports. At CounterGrogwise, we are committed to the safety of everyone and work on any and all requests or reports we receive to get them resolved as quickly as possible.

If we determine that conduct has indeed occurred that is not tolerated by CounterGrogwise, we will take appropriate action (ranging from a warning to permanent suspension of the account on HeroFinder).

In compliance with our Privacy Policy, we will only provide information about the reported account when requested by the appropriate public authorities.